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Community Emergency Plan

Date Document
10-Sep-2020 Tibberton Parish Council (Gloucestershire) Community Emergency Plan


How to organise a clean-up - The #LitterHeroes Guide
Let's S.C.R.A.P Fly Tipping - recycleforgloucestershire.com
Guidance on Garden Bonfires - Environmental Protection UK

Hedges: nuisance and overgrown - Advice & Guidance from RHS


August 2019 Parish Link update
December 2019 Parish Link update
February 2020 Parish Link update
March 2020 Parish Link Appeal & Notices
Coronvirus Parish Council Notice 2020
July 2020 Parish Link Notice via Zoom meeting
October 2020 Parish Link Update
December 2020 Parish Link update
Buttermilk Lane Closure January 2021
February 2021 Parish Link update
May 2021 Parish Link update
July 2021 Parish Link update
September 2021 Parish Link Update
October 2021 Parish Link update


Brief extract of the Newent Neighbourhood Policing Team Report for Tibberton Parish Council
Full Police Report for Newent Town Council 2019
Tibberton extract from the FoDDC Allocations Plan 2006 to 2026 adopted 2018

Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) project

Traffic Speeds in Tibberton 2016
Community approach to Road Safety - GRRC 2017
Speed limit sign options for TPC 2019
TPC Case for VAS sign 2021

Risk Assessments

Date Document
20-Mar-2021 Volunteer Litter Picking - Risk Assessment - March 2021
07-May-2021 Holding 'COVID-safe' Council meetings - Checklist
14-Sep-2021 VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) - Risk Assessment - March 2021

Grass & Hedge Maintenance

Date Document
31-Jan-2020 Tibberton PC Grass & Hedge cutting tender document 2020
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