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Village Hall Kitchen Grant Competition

We have applied to the Barnwood Trust for a grant, so cross your fingers!

We have also applied to the Calor Gas Community Fund, which is a competition. Please register on their website, and you will get 10 votes to distribute across the projects which have been submitted, please give all of them to us! Voting opens on Thursday 2nd May 2019. 

The projects which receive the most votes will then go forward to be judged by a panel of impartial judges. £5000 is at stake, it is worth doing! Use this link: 

to register for voting. Remember, you can't actually vote until 2nd May, you may wish to wait and do both at the same time!

Please bombard all your friends and family to do the same.

Crowdfunder  is an organisation which accepts online donations on our behalf. If we can make £200 from 20 people very quickly, Calor Gas will give us an extra £100.

If you would be prepared to donate, thank you! This link will be live on 2nd May, too.

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