Tibberton Gloucestershire

New ways to pay at the Village Hall

We now have the means to accept payments by card!

We have a new machine which will accept contactless, debit and credit cards, Applepay and Googlepay. So handy when many of us don't carry cash.

Why have we introduced this?

The simple reason is that banking is getting to be very difficult for everyone, not least the people who deal with the money at the Village Hall, and it makes sense to be as automated as possible. Cash is heavy to carry, and has to be counted and bagged up before taking it to a bank - and there are no banks in Newent now. 

So, it would help the volunteers at the Hall, and you, if you could pay by card. You don't have to, of course we will continue to take cash. Please think about it, your help and support is appreciated.


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